Drivers and Owner Operators Wanted

Carmel Transport Intl LTD is constantly looking to grow and improve its fleet of Owner Operators, Company Drivers and office staff across their 3 offices located in Canada.

We are looking for qualified individuals with clean driving records and experience in the container industry.

To apply for a position as an Owner Operator/Company Driver at one of Carmel Transport’s branches, please download a copy of the Driver Application form below, and send it in confidence to our Human Resources/Safety & Compliance Manager for review via email.

Our Recruitment Office is located at 7300 Kimbel St, Mississauga, ON L4T 1G1
905-660-7272  ext. 251

Carmel Transport Driver Application:

Carmel Driver Application

Status Update per Office

Toronto Branch:

Office Staff – No openings at the moment

Company Drivers – Hiring

Owner Operators – Hiring

Montreal Branch:

Company Drivers – Hiring

Owner Operators – Hiring

Calgary Branch:

Office Staff – Not Hiring

Company Drivers – Not Hiring

Owner Operators – Hiring

Please follow up via telephone to confirm your application has been received:
905-660-7272 Ext. 251